“The catharsis of emotional writing in this book was incredible…I laughed. I cried. I had to take breaks because some scenes tore me to pieces. It’s dark, gritty, and I love it.” – Lo Potter Writes

“Historical fiction at its finest. D. H. Schleicher is a master with words…I found myself holding my breath several times.” Gina Rae Mitchell, book blogger

“Tense and brooding…like (The) Grapes of Wrath, only creepier and with a lot more murder…a delightfully dark read.” – Margaret Adelle, booktuber

“As I sit here contemplating the book, varying thoughts enter my mind shaping my thoughts and opinions only to alter them again. This thriller contains complex characters and story lines that gave me a lot of think on and ponder over.” – A Garden of Books

“Gritty, Real, Fiction…Schleicher thrusts readers deep into the early part of the twentieth century, with real people living real lives and experiencing a thrilling, suspenseful tale….the rising conflict and relationships between characters reminded me of one of the classics I read in high school, but this time, I was reading it for pleasure!” – C. D. Tavenor, author and co-founder of Two Doctors Media

“A page-turner with a dark slant, morally gray characters who were flawed yet likable, realistic and multi-faceted with certain twists I didn’t see coming.” – Jenna Moquin, author 

“The Great Depression has been a setting for many novels…it’s a fascinating period brought to life in this moody, dark novel. This is a terrific read that won’t disappoint.” – John Greco, author/photographer

“A good, enthralling historical suspense/thriller…Schleicher delves deep inside his characters. He’s not afraid to have unlikable but realistic people in his story…(and) excels at portraying children.” – Meredith Rankin, writer and book blogger


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