The Darkness is Everywhere

Then Came Darkness Front Cover

Then Came Darkness Back Cover

The thrilling new Depression-era noir from Mabus Publishing

Available in trade paperback ($11.99 USD) and Kindle eBook ($4.99 USD) editions.

An Excerpt:

At the corner under the light, Joshua saw the two children.  They were holding hands innocently and standing on the curb.  The little girl pecked the boy on the cheek.  They let go of each other’s hands and the little girl made her way down the sidewalk towards Joshua while the boy crossed the street and headed towards Milton.  Joshua tipped the brim of his hat low so as to shadow the top half of his face, but the little girl looked up at him as they brushed past anyways, recognizing him perhaps from the hotel where they both once stayed.  Joshua didn’t want to lose sight of Tyrus Kydd in the encroaching night.

The streetlights of the quaint little town guided his way.  He kept pace, three lamps behind so as not to let the child sense he was being followed.  There were a few others out walking babies or sweethearts, heading down other streets, but it was otherwise eerily silent.  A chill was settling in.  The little boy stuck his hands deep inside his shorts’ pockets and his body clenched up as the cooling breeze came down from the hills.  Just the sound of the boy’s shoes on the pavement, the brisk movement from the darkness between the lamps into the next light.  Joshua walked lightly, timing his steps with the boy’s so that the sounds seemed as one…or as echoes against the hills…the boy still unsuspecting he was being followed.”

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About the Author:

D. H. Schleicher hails from the South Jersey suburbs of Philadelphia where he lives with his wife and son.  He is the author of the independent novels, Then Came Darkness and The Thief Maker, and his writing has appeared in Underground Voices, Scratch, The Eunoia Review, LitNoir, and Wonders in the Dark. You can follow his blog,, where he shares his views on books, movies, and travel.

All material Copyright © 2018 by D. H. Schleicher.  

Cover Photo courtesy of Unsplash by Felix Besombes